The Three Different Types Of Retaining Wall Blocks For Your Landscaping Needs

Landscaping today has been brought to a new level as many gardening materials are introduced. People were given the opportunity to be creative in their own little ways with the gardening materials that includes precast and concrete sleepers, retaining, structural and decorative garden wall blocks provided by many manufacturers like Icon Walls. And among this many gardening and landscaping materials, one that is most sought by many home garden enthusiasts and hobbyist are the retaining wall blocks. This modern and sophisticated concrete blocks comes in various shapes, sizes and colors which elevate the overall appearance of the garden with landscaping Double Bay and complements every exterior home designs.

As of today, there are three basic types of retaining wall blocks in Melbourne that is being utilized for raised and in retaining the wall structures which are;

The CMU or the Standard Concrete Block – this wall block measures 8” x 8” x 16”. Its features can be compared to a cell with two identical openings. These cells are essential to the stability of the wall block when assembled which should be filled with grouted solid or concrete. In unifying the walls vertically and in extending it into the foundation, a rebar or a standard reinforcing bar is used and is integrated into the cells. Slots are also formed when a rebar is allowed to run horizontally in the wall. Go to the website to know more on the different types of retaining wall blocks for your landscaping needs.

Though standard concrete blocks can stand alone, what makes it undesirable for some landscaping enthusiasts is its little esthetic value. When utilizing it, builders often cover it with very appealing stone veneers or any decorative masonry units. But this blocks can guarantee users that it can provide an outstanding structural reinforcement for walls with landscaping service North Shore that is over four feet in height.

The Split Face Block – it is a standard concrete block with a pleasing texture on one side. The block can be used as a decorative and a structural unit which eliminates an extra cost for veneers. Its appearance, as broken on original split face blocks, is intentionally crafted to make it look like a rough stone while some features score lines that are carved into the split face blocks. People can choose from its variety of colors beyond to typical gray concrete which lowers the cost and makes the retaining wall construction simple. Another version of split face block is the slump block with a surface shape and texture that can be compared to an adobe brick which is a popular landscaping material for Spanish-inspired architecture.

Retaining wall block system units – this type of block is the new revolutionized look of retaining wall systems in the construction today. The blocks are specifically designed for structural unit with aims to display a realistic stone-like appearance. The blocks are irregular in size so that it could provide a variety and an imitative vibe of a real stone. Though it also has cells, it is not organized the same way as the split face blocks. The shapes, surface textures, and colors depend on the manufacturer of these blocks. However, this blocks are created to fit together precisely in order to increase the overall tenacity and strength of the wall blocks eliminating the need for block cores. And these units become a trend for it significantly makes retaining walls convenient and beautiful especially if these were coordinated with well-matched pavers.