Versatile Finishing Effects For Lobby Tiles

Lobby areas of apartments or office buildings usually are high foot traffic areas. Hence the kind of tiles used to create these surfaces should be chosen with care so that such materials can withstand long years of traffic, wear and tear. Nowadays tiles of a versatile building material can come with different finished effects to create striking looks and effects overall. 

Stained concrete floors

This is a popular choice for creating lobby floors for several reasons. Concrete can be formed or poured and can have stained finishes for patio areas, lobby floors and driveways. You can have such surfaces constructed of concrete slabs or tiles which are also used for countertops in kitchens or even sinks. With the aid of concrete polishing you can have a durable and attractive finish on concrete. Stained or polished concrete tiles can be installed in lobby areas, recreation rooms, basements, sun rooms and other areas. Such floors are known to withstand considerable traffic. Patterns and designs are created with concrete tiles with concrete staining or stenciling techniques.

Effects of polished concrete

It is hard to deny the admirable effects of polished concrete surfaces. Such surfaces are hard and smooth and can create an aesthetic appearance with varied patterns or stain colors. Polished floors might be great for interior rooms but outdoor areas like sidewalks and driveways usually require textured finishes. In order to create a durable finish to an exterior concrete area brush or broom finishes are common. Concrete can also be stamped that often makes it similar to flagstone, cobblestone or brick. The staining process makes a difference in bringing out the patterns imprinted on the concrete tiles.

Versatile uses of stained solid tiles

Stained concrete tiles are common for using for floor construction, walkways and patio areas. The versatile products make them great for improving the look and durability of your home surfaces. You could ask for concrete slabs for outdoor projects like a patio or driveway construction or repair projects. Stained and textured slabs can give the look of wood, stone, and brick as you wish to have. Many concrete floor and tile suppliers will have an online catalog that you could check and decide on the kind of finished effects you want on a lobby area of a building or for your own home. Flooring specialists will also be able to advise you on the right concrete slabs or tiles to choose as per the area where you wish to have the construction or the kind of budget you have in mind for the construction project.