Asbestos And Its Use In Insulation Of Buildings In The Past

asbestos testing

Asbestos was considered to be one of the best materials to be used in insulation for a particular house or building because of the good thermal insulation properties that it provided at the time. However, what was not known at that particular time was the carcinogenic properties of asbestos which increased the risk of cancer associated with people who have had an exposure with asbestos. This increase in the risk of cancer was even more profound for people who were working with asbestos as it allowed the opportunity for the asbestos to be disintegrated into fine particles which can be easy to breathe in which can result in a great amount of risk associated with lung cancer as the particles can lodge themselves in the lungs of the people who are working with asbestos.  This is a particular problem when it comes to retrofitting or renovating old buildings as they are more likely to have asbestos inside them to provide them with the thermal insulation that is necessary to maintain a comfortable internal environment in their particular building. This is where services of asbestos survey play an important role as it can help identify the key areas where asbestos may be present and therefore appropriate measures can be taken to work in a safe manner in which exposure to asbestos is minimised. This allows for good quality health and safety monitoring on a particular construction site and it also reduces the risk of cancer that is associated with exposure to asbestos. Having an asbestos survey can help efficiently organise the resources that are available to a particular contractor as they can focus their resources in areas which are problematic and can reduce the resources available to areas which are not that problematic.

At Hazmat Services, we recognise the importance of asbestos testing as well as asbestos survey which is why we provide high quality services related to these to all our clients with which they can benefit from pinpoint identification of the areas which contain asbestos and this can help them create effective measures to deal with the presence of asbestos in a particular building or environment.

High Quality Equipment and Services available at Hazmat Services

All in all, if you are looking for high quality asbestos testing or asbestos survey, then you need look no further than hazmat services. We use modern equipment available to us which can help pinpoint the presence of asbestos in an efficient and quick manner and, we also make sure that our team members are sufficiently trained in identification of asbestos. This allows for a quick and efficient service to all our clients while ensuring that our team remains safe with the proper safety equipment that we provide.