The Positives And Negatives Of A Garden Shed

Well in fact there are quite a few advantages of garden sheds because there are quite a few different purposes of a garden shed that can really be advantageous, especially if your partner’s getting on your nerves and you need somewhere to cool off for half an hour! Here are all the benefits of a garden shed.


Garden sheds, as long as they are right ones, can really add colour and beauty to your home and garden. Most garden sheds that are available to buy are wooden sheds and these sheds are very pretty and good looking. Also the benefit of a wooden shed is that when you first buy one they are a blank space or blank canvass for you to do what you want with it. You can paint wooden sheds whatever colour you want for whatever style you are going for and then paint it again if you change your mind or change your style.

Aesthetically wooden sheds are very flexible verandahs at Mornington.

Adds Value

If you speak to an estate agent a lot of them will tell you that a garden shed actually adds value to your home. Why? Mainly because garden sheds are good places for storage which a lot of families always need and in this day and age you have to pay for storage find the perfect solution for garages for sale. The value isn’t like a couple of thousand of dollars or anything of that value but it is still more than you would get without a garden shed and it is also a great selling point for the garden. 


If you have kids then a garden shed can be a great asset for both you and your children. Garden sheds can be easily, and cheaply, converted it play areas for children so they can bound about the garden for hours while you and your partner have some time to yourself. However garden sheds so have some disadvantages and they are disadvantages that you should be aware of before you splash out a lot of money on a garden shed. Here are the negatives of a garden shed.


If you don’t pick the right garden shed then your property might not be very safe at all. Plastic and wooden sheds, wooden sheds being the most common form of garden shed, are very easy to break into and are prime targets for burglars who can make a killing off all the tools and garden equipment stored in your garden shed. When you are looking for your garden shed look for one which is reinforced with steel – you can buy plain metal sheds as well if you would rather – and has steel locks so that they are hard to break into and cut open from the outside

Hard to build

This might not sound like a feasible reason not to buy a garden shed because in the end it will all work out okay, but you will not be thinking that after it takes all day to assemble your garden shed. A lot of sheds expert say they should only take half an hour to build but in reality it is going to take hours and in some case a garden shed just isn’t worth the hassle.


Plastic garden sheds are very susceptible to heat and extreme heat can make a plastic garden shed buckle, leaving room for rain to flow in which could then lead to rot and mould.