Kitchen Designing Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Kitchen renovations are a very common upgrade nowadays, irrespective of budget or personal preferences. After all, they are often seen as one of the easiest projects to carry out, and even small changes can have drastic effects in altering the overall look of the whole kitchen itself. Additionally, many small-scale projects can be carried out with a fraction of the money needed for larger renovations, like landscaping or remodelling your living room.Sadly, the frequency at which kitchen renovations are carried out also means that there are people doing them without fully understanding what they are getting into. The end results of such projects are often pretty undesirable, and sometimes even catastrophic, requiring homeowners to fully strip down the kitchen and start remodelling again.Therefore, no matter what you decide to do, try to avoid committing the following mistakes whenever renovating your own kitchen:

  • Forgetting About Workflow – No matter how stylish a kitchen looks, it still remains a workspace first and foremost. What is the point of installing national tiles Port Melbourne if you ignore qualities such as water durability and resistance and go for looks alone? Even if you are going for a minimal remodel, try to always keep in mind that the most frequented areas of your kitchen, like the sink, fridge and stove (the so-called “golden triangle”) are easy to access and free of obstructions.
  • Reducing Counter Space – Having space to place your things is a necessity, and you won’t do yourself any favours if your remodel actually reduces the usable counter space in your kitchen. Remember to try and increase counter space instead, even if it means foregoing some nice decorations you have been thinking about implementing. 

  • Choosing the Wrong Flooring – Durable kitchen flooring needs to be selected in such a way that it minimises slipping (even when extremely wet), while providing good resistance to stains and food spilling (and easy cleaning whenever that happens). Colours and aesthetics should always be a second thought. Getting the advice of experts and firms that deal with waterproofing services can also help you choose a reliable flooring tile.
  • Forgetting About Storage Spaces – You will need a good amount of storage space to keep all of your pans, cutlery, glasses and other kitchenware stored properly when not in use. If you have come to the same conclusion that more storage space is never a bad thing, why not spend a little more time thinking about the efficient placement of a few more cabinets?
  • Proper Trash Management – Nowadays, recycling and proper trash management have made it much easier (and healthier) to deal with the waste that we generate each day. If trash management techniques in your kitchen are quite outdated, it is an area that you really need to consider planning for in your next kitchen remodel project. It can allow you to efficiently separate the garbage according to the type, and deal with it accordingly afterwards, no matter whether you are planning on recycling it or just handing it over to the garbage truck