5 Great Ways To Enjoy A Stay In Sydney

The city of Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and is one is the largest cities in Australia with a population of more than 5 million. This great city renowned for its hospitality is the attraction of several thousands of tourists who visit the land Down Under. If you are planning on going to Sydney for a vacation, to visit a friend or for a long stay and if you plan on spending sensible while you’re here, then there’s one thing you must know. The prices of almost everything in Sydney can be a bit high! However, there are ways in which you can avoid those high expenses and make sure you enjoy every single second in the big city. Continue reading this article to learn the art of finding ‘budget friendly entertainment’ in the capital city of NSW.

The sandy beaches are a must!

If you love visiting Sydney because of its many famous beaches, then several seaside wonders such as Mondi, Bronte, Watson’s Bay and Manly are there for you to visit throughout your stay and these are all free! Besides, what better way to spend a sunny Australian afternoon than a day at the beach? Be sure to bring your bathing suits, sunscreen, tanning lotion and the sunglasses and try your best to go on a week day because weekends draws in most of the locals, crowding up the beach.

Where to look for drinks?

This city offers you a wide variety of pubs and restaurants to choose from and each will be unique in its own way. Save up to enjoy some quality beverages at some of the best bars in Surry Hills, an area especially known for its café scene and the stylish culture plus Surry Hills pubs has some attractive happy hours offers that might interest you.

Be part of one of many events

Sydney hosts many entertaining events each year, 30 to be exact. Among these many vibrant events is the summer in the rocks festival where you’ll get to make a lot of new friends in the Australia Day street party and cherish the newfound friendship one of the colourful bars Surry Hills has to offer. Also there’s the moonlight cinema, a unique open air, cinema-picnic crossover experience. How can we not talk about the famous Sydney Opera House and its numerous gala events? So make your stay in this city memorable by being part of as many of these events as you can. You can view more by visiting http://doveandolive.com.au/functions/

Walk through the markets

Sydney is home to a ton of markets, offering a diverse range of products at affordable prices. It’s the perfect morning activity if you enjoy buying fresh food, stylish clothes and cool ornaments etc. Some of the best market places are the Bondi market, Paddington market and the farmers market. Farmers market is a particularly crowded scene where you’ll get to taste all sorts of innovative food items made from home grown ingredients for affordable prices.

The Change In Human Lifestyles In The Recent Past

If you take some time to look around you, you will notice that most of the developed and developing world is obese as a result of the diets that they follow and it is a shocking fact that more people die each day from obesity related disease than they do from starvation. There is no doubt that you know quite a few people who are sick or suffering from some form of obesity related disease. The big industries saw a business opportunity in this and introduced what was known as fast food in to the picture where these working people could simply stop in at one of the many fast food outlets in the area and grab a quick, cheap meal. In the days when it was first introduced, fast food was glorified and sold as healthy superfood powder which even caused parents to feed this food to their young children.

The power of social media

Fortunately, today we live in an era of social media and the internet which has caused the ease of communication that we have today. Through social media, activists are spreading the world about the dangers of this fast food and as a result many young people are turning to a vegan and plant based diet. Of course, people who oppose the idea re spreading rumours about plant based diets not having the right amount of protein when in reality, this is a myth. If you are a weight lifter on a vegan diet, you can choose to take vegan protein powder if you need extra protein.There is no actual need for protein powder however if you maintain a clean balanced diet with chickpeas, beans, peas and legumes included in your daily meals.

The role of advertising

Advertising played a big role in the food that people ate in those days and the meat, dairy, fast food and processed food industries invested billions and billions of dollars in to convincing people that the food that they sell is the best food for their families and that this food was essential for the survival fo the human race. The dairy industry convinced humans that somehow, the breast milk of a cow was essential for the survival of the human race and so strong was their brain washing that somehow this became the norm and to this day, many people still consume dairy believing that it is essential for them when it fact it is the cause of most of the illnesses that they are plagued with.

How To Promote Your Restaurant?

There are three things that could make a restaurant successful. Good food, the customer service and loyal customers. If you own a newly opened restaurant, the last one is probably lacking. To find a good and loyal customer base, you need to win their hearts and you also need to promote your restaurant. Online promoting has become very popular because of the instant results. But, it is not going to work if you do not have a good and a well thought out plan. If you can promote your restaurant right, you will be the talk of the town in no time. You don’t have to attend classes on how to promote, all you need is an original idea behind you. Restaurants have been here for as long as we can remember. Every day, people open new restaurants, which is why you need originality.

Use Social Media

Social media is, unsurprisingly, the best way to start your promotion. Millions and millions of people use social media these days. The first step would be to make accounts on every social media platform you can think of. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have become very famous and actually, very helpful for helping local businesses grow. You need a good lay out, something that is very visually appealing and can make someone stay on the page. The logo of your restaurant should be included. Do not use photos you find on Google. Sharing photos of your food is easily the best way to grab people’s attention. They should be zoomed on in the food and make someone’s stomach growl loudly. Be sure to include photos of the location too and make sure to include good shots of the things that make your restaurant special. For an example, if you own a waterfront restaurant, make sure to emphasize that on your photos. Go right here if you are looking for best waterfront restaurant.

Start a Blog

You can start your own blog. As hard as it sounds, if you know the basic steps, you can still make an amazing blog. You can buy your own URL or make a free blog. It should be functional and it should not be confusing. People should be able to find out what they are looking for easily. Your contact details must be included at the end of the page. Make sure to include the links to all your social media platforms. If you are planning on using your restaurant for other purposes, such as using it as a wedding venue or an engagement venue Melbourne, include all the details about that in the website too.

The Advertise

Google ads is another way to use the internet wisely for your promotion. Include the best shots of your food in the ad and a good slogan. Comedy always works in managing to capture someone’s attention or you can just be heartfelt. Be mindful not to use anything offensive.